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Progressive Galleries LLC and Albert Michaels Conservation Inc. Reporting for Duty in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


We are proud to announce that Progressive Galleries LLC and Albert Michaels Conservation Inc. are joining forces under one roof in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on 214 Verbeke Street! Both are currently open and stand ready to serve all your art needs.

In the winter of 2006, Progressive Galleries launched a website with the intention of promoting local and national artists. Since then , Progressive Galleries has expanded its gallery operations all across Central Pennsylvania representing some of the best artistic talents in the region and in the country. We continue to show fine art paintings on canvas and paper as well as photography, sculpture and many other innovative creations. Additionally, in the last couple years, Progressive Galleries has also grown to specialize in Arts Services such as Fine Art Framing, in-home or in-office Art Consultation, certified art appraisal and has produced countless creative events.

Progressive Galleries Fine Art Framing is open for business with a Larson Juhl custom framing account. You are encouraged to contact us with any framing needs. Please contact

Since 1971, Albert Michaels Conservation Inc has utilized artistry, craftsmanship and scientific analysis to restore masterpieces and monuments with maximum sensitivity to the original artists’ vision. For the past 20 years, Albert Michaels has been the primary restoration and conservation firm for the Pennsylvania State Capital Building, as well as many other local and national conservation projects.

Albert Michaels Conservation remains ready to assist in any restoration and conservation projects. Whether your church has a mural or you have an old family artifact that needs some tender loving care, consider the experts at Albert Michaels to handle your project. Please contact

Ladies and Gentlemen, 214 Verbeke is now a one stop art services center. Both are currently open by appointment and this is just the beginning.

We greatly appreciate all of the support and patronage over the years and we couldn’t be happier to be making this announcement in the city where it all began, Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

More to come,

Jonas and Walter

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Huge Events in 2010


What has Progressive Galleries been up to? Planning the biggest 2010 schedule humanly possible! Following is an outline of what the next few months will bring but first off we just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the support and participation over the past 4 YEARS! We have spent this winter planning and organizing some very special events. Here is a 2 month lineup we are thrilled to share with you!

This weekend, February 19th and 20th, Progressive Galleries presents two art events designed to destroy your opinion of what you expect from an Art show. We will be showcasing the artwork of different artists we feel you need to see and purchase. Among these artists is Benjamin Jancewicz. Benjamin lives in Baltimore and has been on board with progressive Galleries since its conception. Rebecca Long, who is a potter from the Central Pennsylvania area. There will be many more artists on exhibit as well.

For these two events, a phone call needed to be made to a visionary projectionist. None other than VJCA who is prepared to paint the walls in projection for two nights in a row! Each night bringing a different feel and vibe to the presentation!

This Friday night, February 19th, The Cathedral Room doors will be opened to many different artists, musical acts, a stellar projectionist and hundreds of aficionados and supporters. This is night 1 of a 2 part series in correlation with The Millennium Music Conference, Third in the Burg and the very first Progressive Galleries Art Event in 2010. You are officially invited to “An Evening of Bluegrass.” With musical entertainment by The Vinegar Creek Constituency (Lancaster, PA), Paul’s Grandfather (Fredonia, NY) and The Historic (Lancaster, PA) This event is sponsored by Global Hair Design (Who will be on premise giving consultations.) and Media Boomtown (Who will be making a video of the event.) Please support these businesses because art events like this don’t happen every day and any local business that is making it happen needs our support. Doors open at 8PM. 221 North Street in Der Harrisburg Maennerchor’s Cathedral Room. $5.

This Saturday night, February 20th, Progressive Galleries proudly presents the second part of our Millennium Music Conference Series, a long awaited Saturday Night Explosion! On this night VJCA returns with a projection exhibit hand crafted to suit the performances of the evening. The Artwork will stand strong amongst the sea of onlookers as 3 bands ignite the room with obscurity and originality! Musical Entertainment presented by: Prowler (Philadelphia, PA), Alan Cohen Experience (Boston MA) and The Chance (Washington DC.) The drinks will be cheap and the experience will be priceless. This event is sponsored by Global Hair Design and Media Boomtown (Click Here For Progressive Galleries Promo by Media Boomtown.) Doors open at 8PM. 221 North Street in Der Harrisburg Maennerchor’s Cathedral Room. $5.

Upcoming First Friday, March 5th, we invite all of you down to the Nitty- Gritty- Lancaster- City for an exhibit that has been over a hundred years in the making! You are cordially invited to “Synaesthesia: A Ripple In The Chronicles Of Lancaster” – a solo exhibit of Petra Schmidt. “Schmidt’s found-object sculpture, which is wild and organic in nature, will impart a family legacy marked by intrigue, survival and rebirth. This artwork is the chosen medium for Schmidt’s own biography, but it also speaks of a journey intimately understood in Lancaster County – a journey of immigration supported by the strength and fidelity of this community and ultimately, a journey of success and that of the American Dream.” This event is also a benefit for a charity group known as Music For Everyone! Take a look at the link and a percentage of proceeds will be donated to their great organization!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as we have enjoyed putting these events together. Without the support of the people in these areas none of this would be possible. Let’s all take this 2010 to new limits.

Thank you,

Jonas and Walter.


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First Friday Holiday Shopping Extravaganza and Kick Off Of Progressive Galleries New Custom Framing Service!

Dec ’09
6:00 pm

Season’s Greetings,

On this First Friday, December 4th, we have worked very hard to provide a proper sampling from almost everyone of our artists we represent for this show. If you see a style you like or an artist you enjoy, we have much more from all of them available on the spot. There is an incredible exhibit of all new work available from Root 222 and these fellas will all be here to paint live while the event takes place. On top of this, River Rat Jenkins is coming in to play through the night.

If you are in need of purchasing a gift and the same old socks won’t do. Progressive Galleries has grown to represent over 75 artists whose work will be available for you to peruse. Please join us on this night as we celebrate the eclectic and support all of the hard working creative minds we will have on display.

Progressive Galleries also now provides the service of custom framing. Our fine framing comes from the craftsman of Larson Juhl and we also have a private viewing area where you can take your piece of artwork and get to know it better while choosing a frame that is just right.

We are also proud to offer 40% off of all framing purchased through the month of December. Head up to the attic and break out those photos you’ve been meaning to get framed. Progressive Galleries will take care of it.

Happy Holidays everyone and lets all celebrate together on this First Friday,

Walter and Jonas

christmas 09

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First Friday Homage to the Classics

On October 2nd take part in Progressive Galleries’ ‘First Friday Homage to the Classics.’ Opening-night of Eric Armusik’s month-long exhibition My Place in History will begin by asking you to decide if a contemporary realist painter achieves the apogee of the Old Masters. After an evening of contemplating the artist’s ego, the night will culminate with a newer sort of mastery in a mellifluous jazz journey performed by saxophonist Jonathon Ragonese and pianist Steve Rudolph.

Armusik employs oil-on-panel figurative art and the techniques of Caravaggio to chronicle the timeless narrative of a life’s journey and to question the mode of Modern & Contemporary Art. Creating an experience that is both deeply visceral and electrifyingly intellectual, Armusik contends that through a quality of craft unfamiliar in the 20th & 21st century he has maintained an honesty and vulnerability that is profound to contemporary viewers, and in doing so, that he has achieved an artistry on par with Europe’s great masterpieces. Confrontational in rhetoric and form it is evident that Armusik demands our attention; the question is, however, does he demand a respect equal to the icons of Gombrich’s History? After careful and enthralled consumption, I have weighed his claims and have come to my own conclusion. Now, it’s your turn.

Beginning at 7 p.m., a dynamic jazz duo will provide a nimble backdrop for the digestion of Armusik’s weighty questions. Soprano & tenor saxophonist Jonathan Ragonese will be down from New York where he currently studies at the Manhattan School of Music with composer Bob Minzer. Accompanying Ragonese will be Steve Rudolph on piano. A fixture in the Central Pennsylvanian jazz scene and founder of Central PA Friends of Jazz, Rudolph currently lives in Harrisburg where he has spent the last 30 years being an advocate for the jazz genre. Reflecting the sage sounds of the veteran performer and the fresh refrain of the nascent musician, Rudolph and Ragonese are sure to close the night with a performance that should not be missed.

It all starts at 5 p.m. on the 300 Block of Queen Street in the Old Candyfactory that is home to Lancaster’s favorite burgeoning ‘Progressive’ Gallery. So come out on Friday October 2nd: enjoy a narrative, consider a craft, throw in a verdict, tap your foot, partake anyway you see fit, but don’t miss the First Friday kick off of My Place in History.

Oct 09 Armusik Show

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Hank and Cupcakes to tour midstate

Whether you’re staying close to home for the last official weekend of summer or taking one last road trip, Progressive Galleries has a show for you. Brooklyn-based duo Hank and Cupcakes’ mini-tour celebrating their latest CD release will make a stop at Progressive Galleries’ Lancaster location on Sept. 18 and the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center’s Stage on Herr on Sept. 19.

“During the Millennium Music Conference we were able to work with Hank and Cupcakes, and since then they’ve been in the Harrisburg and Lancaster areas a handful of times,” says Jonas Hair, Progressive Gallery co-owner. “In the few times they’ve played down here they have already generated a following, and they are very good.”

The pair of regional performances marks a recent addition to the showcases Progressive Galleries has been running for several years at Der Harrisburg Maennerchor’s Cathedral Room, and since February at the Lancaster space, located at 323 N. Queen St.

Regional show

“We were excited about this and we wanted to make it regional, and since Progressive Galleries opened up a Lancaster location we are able to cover both regions. So what we are doing is bringing Hank and Cupcakes in on Sept. 18 during Music Friday, which is big in Lancaster, and they are going to rock it out and have their CD for sale here,” says Hair.

“And then the following night we are going to do the show at HMAC Stage on Herr. This will actually be the first Progressive Galleries show at the space so we are excited to work with them.”

The band hails from Brooklyn and consists of two members. Their music has been described as Electro-Pop, but according to Hair, their energetic performance style is what sets them apart.

“Every time they’ve played everyone in the room is either dancing or staring in amazement at what’s going on,” says Hair. “So it’s a band that you really need to see live to get the full grasp of them. One drummer, one bass player, that’s it — that’s the band. But yet they pack more power than a lot of bands with four or five pieces.”

At the Lancaster show, the 3100-square-foot gallery space will still be featuring the display from the September First Friday event.

“We have many different types of art up. It’s a much larger display space so we have much more artwork down here,” says Hair. “It’s interesting because its the premise of the events that we held in Harrisburg, and with the success with them we took that and created a five-day a week out of it down here in Lancaster.”

Progressive Galleries also hosts regularly scheduled showcase events at its Lancaster location, as well as in Harrisburg.

“The showcases themselves artistically remain as action packed. We still showcase projection and live painting, says Hair. “As far as turnout and interest it’s still there, people are really supporting us. We got to a point that we were able to expand to cover two areas of Central Pennsylvania. Now we can actually bring entertainment in from out of town and showcase it over multiple night mini-tours, and we are really excited about that.”

Hank and Cupcakes will perform in Lancaster starting at 9 p.m. at Progressive Galleries, 323 N. Queen Street.

The show is BYOB. The Harrisburg show will take place at HMAC Stage on Herr, 1110 N. Third St. in Harrisburg. The show begins at 8 p.m. with Max Jones and the Joyriders opening. Admission is $5.

Article courtesy of The Sentinel Online

Hank and Cupcakes CD release Choke

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Progressive Galleries Ad Spot

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First Friday Explosion – Sept 4th

Sep ’09
5:00 pm

See flyer below for details

Sept 09

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Friday Night Explosion – August 21st

Aug ’09
7:00 pm

Every once in a while a night comes along where the friends are great, the music is outstanding and the atmosphere is unforgettable, a night that leaves you complete. And let’s face it, ladies and gentlemen, times have been tough; every single one of us deserve one of those nights…

Progressive Galleries is proud to make this happen. Friday, August 21st, Progressive Galleries presents a profusion of musicians and artists all under one roof that will never be duplicated! Perkasie, Aortic Valve and Nelly Kate will fill the room with a sensory experience for the eyes and ears while the art lining the walls will add an element of intrigue and enticement.

A final stop on their national tour, this Friday Night Explosion will provide Perkasie a homecoming not to be forgotten. No stranger to the local music scene, WXPN hails Perkasie as: One of our favorite new local discoveries…. Described by the Philly Weekly as “bubblegum baroque pop,” and frequently compared to Bright Eyes, Perkasie are more Puff The Magic Dragon meets Lynyrd Skynyrd meets O Brother Where Art Thou than Woody Guthrie meets Left Banke meets The 1910 Fruitgum Company. Just the idea of that has the senses working overtime! – Bruce Warren, WXPN.

Also closing out their Northeastern tour, Aortic Valve continues the musical journey with an exploration of time, space and connectivity. Aiming to capture what is ultimately human, VjcA overwhelms the senses with the spectacle of imagery marching in the cadence of DJ Evolution’s thunderous beats. A/V provides all with a chance to experiment and react to the relationship between audio and video, presentation and creation, individual psyche and human consciousness.

Coming into town from Staunton Virginia is Nelly Kate. She will take us all on an exploration into minimalist Pop and is no stranger to the eclectic and avant garde. While she has been compared to The Blow, Mirah and Feist, Nelly brings her own style by taking certain elements of Pop and constructing experimental melodies and ballads. We are thrilled she is joining us this evening.

The musical presentation is as original as the art on the walls. 6 different artists work will be showcased and for sale on the spot this evening. The bar will be serving and the lighting will be dimmed to a fine hue. We invite you all to come out to something very special and different as this will be a night to remember. We ask you to forward this message to all who are also in need of a night like this and together, we will all blow the roof off of the place! The Cathedral Room is located on 221 North Street Hbg Pa 17101 and we ask for $5 that goes to the acts performing for the evening. This event will run from 7PM – 1AM.

Thank you,

Jonas and Walter

Aug 21st Perkasie

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X CHROMOSOME: The Strong Women of Progressive Galleries

Aug ’09
5:00 pm

Come join us this August in our tribute to the female artists of Progressive Galleries. All month long we will be delving into the creative force that drives these 12 spectacular women.

To kick this journey off, Progressive Galleries of Lancaster will host a can’t miss First Friday event. In addition to the perceptive artwork that will be lining our walls, a live musical performance will be given by Jessica Smucker of The Sleeping World. Starting August 7th at 5 p.m., the X Chromosome Exhibition will be unveiled and an evening of art, wine and music will ensue.

The X CHROMOSOME Exhibition will be an exploration of the human experience and our relationship with nature. Photographer, Lynn Rossi, uses elaborate stage sets to capture the duel nature and irony of life. This asymmetry of human existance is emphasized by the use of space in Jennifer Peachy’s highly individualized portraits and the skewed humour of Danielle Charette’s work. The theme of shared human experiences is further enhanced by the works of Jody Wright, Abigail Burnette-Peake, Kat McIver, Nelly Seitz Smith and Ursula Gullow.

Wright’s Pop Art portraits of dogs, which are seemingly so simple, resonnate with a joy of life we can all relate to at the best of times while the delicate brutality of Burnette-Peake and the haunting fluidity of McIver capture the darker sides of our existence. The stacatto rhythm of life is then marked by the beat of Smith and Gullow. Smith’s use of negative space to enhance her subject matter creates a sense of separation that is at times felt by even the most extroverted of people. And Gullow’s gesture inspired paintings mark the indefinable and ephemeral moments that make up the narrative of an individual life.

On a more immutable note, this idea of shared human experience is highlighted by an investigation into a relationship common among all humanity: our interaction with nature. Carrie Wissler-Thomas, our very own Scottish Colourist, and Karen Weihs, who can be described as a Carolina Colourist, have a luminescent, musical quality achieving the vibrancy of life that is seemingly found only in our mind’s eye. Bee Sieberg and Anne Davis use rich color and texture to create moments near and dear to the heart of Central Pennsylvania: Sieberg attains the quintessential farming community whereas Davis effects that moment of peace we feel so often during the summer months, the calm after the storm.

These expressions of humanity will be punctuated by the brillant performance of Jessica Smucker, who will provided us with music as captivating and varied as the Strong Women of Progressive Galleries.

So beginning at 5 p.m. on Friday August 7th, come out to enjoy the prolific voyage with us, and be sure to ride early and often.

Jonas Hair & Walter Diehl
323 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
Ph: 717.295.2440


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July Events

LANCASTER – July First Friday Explosion! Over 30 talented 2D and 3D artists on display and Brooklyn’s finest HANK + CUPCAKES rip it up with their mesmerizing brand of music. Don’t miss this hot July night! 5-11. Suggested $5 donation.

HARRISBURG – July 11th, Saturday Night! “The Greatest Funeral Ever” CD release party upstairs in the Cathedral Room @ Der Maennerchor! 221 North Street.

YORK – Progressive Galleries (White Rose Gallery Project) hosts a constant exhibit located in York Square on every floor of The White Rose Business center!

Progressive Galleries Lancaster is open for business 5 days a week! Tuesday – Saturday 11-6 or gladly by appointment 717-295-2440

Thank you for your continued support!! We love it when you come visit us! Stay cool Central PA

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